Go Kart FAQ

Dino Buggy

Q - Hi I have an Visitor farm in South West Ireland and I Am interested in 10-15 of the Dino buggies. What age are these suited up to. Can you give me a price on bulk buying.
Answer - The Buggy is suitable for ages 3 - 12yrs althought the chassis is very capable of handling adult weight. If you are able to give me an exact number required I will be able to work out a favourable price

Answer - Currently £36.00

Dino Camaro BF3

Q - Do the karts come with a guarantee
Answer - Yes - The chassis is covered by a 5 yr warranty, the remaining parts are covered by a 2 yr warranty. Go Kart UK will supply a replacement part or parts under warranty if there is a fault caused by poor product or manufacture.

Q - What is the best one for a kid
Answer - Depends on size of child and budget. If the child is 5 or over we would recomend any of the large karts, starting with the "Classic". The more money you spend, the better spec kart you get !

Q - I am looking for a go kart for my 4 children ages ranging from 14 to 6. I would like one that you can out the passenger seat on and attach the two seater trailer too. Also are any Karts suitable for off road? - we have a field and I wondered if they would be able to use it in there also the lane they would ride it on is not tarmaced and therefore quite bumpy with some small pot holes. Which would you recommend? Thank you
Answer - If budget allows, then the age range and proposed off road use would benefit froma 3 speed model. All the karts have the facility to take a passenger seat and tow a trailer.

Dino Camaro GTS ZF

Q - Hi can you confirm that this kart will acceptt the multi purpose trailer connection to the back
Answer - Yes - all the karts have a hitch for towing the MPT chassis and bodies

Q - I am very interested in purchasing this KART. Do you deliver to either Ireland or Northern Ireland? If you do would you quote me a postage price for both locations please. Regards and thanks Maria Breen
Answer - We are able to deliver to Ireland for £65.00. NI will be a little cheaper.

Q - What is the width of the Dino Camaro GTS ZF Go-Kart? Also is this model available with an additional rear seat?
Answer - The width of this kart is 90cm. Either the standard or deluxe passenger seat will fit

Q - Hi, I live in East Grinstead and would be very interested in buying this go kart. Can I try it at your shop in East Grinstead or do you only deliver?
Answer - I can arrange for the kart to be viewed at the office address by prior arrangement if this suits

Q - Hi, I am 16 years old and was wandering whether this go kart would fit me well now and in the future.
Answer - This kart can be ridden by users up to 6' 2" without discomfort

Dino Camaro ZF

Q - Can you add a seat to this cart and can you move the setat?
Answer - Yes, a passenger seat can be added to the Camaro and the drivers seat will adjust to allow for differing leg length

Q - All the ground or mountains For Child and Adult
Answer - The kart is capable of working on and off road depending on the amount of power available from the driver. The kart can cope with child and adult sizes

Q - How much is a passenger seat
Answer - Currently £49.00

Dino Classic ZF

Q - Does the Dino Classic ZF have rubber tyres and a parking brake
Answer - The Classic has pneumatic tyres and a brake used to slow forward motion. It is not, however, able to be locked on to act like a parking brake

Q - Does the go-kart Dino Classic ZF Go-Kart attach to the trailer chassi
Answer - Yes - it has a useable tow bar

Q - Are the wheel hard plastic or soft rubber? would it be suitable for use on ice?
Answer - The tyres are pneumatic and rubber. Use on ice ?

Q - Why is the dino classic zf so expensive
Answer - This may appear to be expensive compared to a lesser product but you are getting an awful lot of go kart for your money.

Q - Is this self assembly? If so how long does it take?
Answer - Yes the kart comes in 4 pieces and should only take 15minutes to assemble

Q - Has it got air tyres
Answer - Yes, fully pneumatic

Q - Hi How suitable are these for children when using on rough grass that will be harder to cycle on than a hard surface/
Answer - The kart is very capable of such terrain but will require greater effort than pedaling on a tarmac surface

Q - Hi does this go kart come with a tow bar as standard? and what is the delivery time?
Answer - Yes the tow bar is standard - The Classic is in stock and delivery is within 3 days of order

Q - Do you accept Canadian dollers.
Answer - Sorry no - only UK sterling

Q - Does it have a canopy
Answer - No, I'm afraid not

Q - Are they rubber tires?
Answer - Yes, they are pneumatic rubber tyres

Q - Are they any U.S. dealers? Or, alternatively, do you ship to North America?
Answer - I'm unaware of any US Dealers and sorry no, we do not ship to the States

Q - How long is it in inches
Answer - 61" (155cm)

Q - If i live in Panamā, whats de real price of the go cars, include taxes and ship?
Answer - Sorry, we are unable to ship to Panamā

Q - Is it ok for wet and muddy surfaces
Answer - The kart will be fine, but should be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis

Q - I live in newcastle wat log cabbin will i need to select for delivery
Answer - There is a Go Kart option available for shipping when you add the go kart to the shopping kart. It will be £12.00

Dino Classic ZF (Red)

Q - Does it come with a spare seat
Answer - Not as standard. You can purchase this as an optional extra either as a standard seat or the deluxe model with armrests

Dino Classic ZF (Red) Go Kart

Q - Are dino pedal go karts legal for use on roads?
Answer - Although the karts are equipped with rear reflectors there is no provision for lights. This would not, however, stop them being used on the road much like a bicycle.

Dino Deutz Track BF3

Q - Would the quad kart be suitable for use by a 82 kg adult on a very up and down terrain on a canal tow path of a ten mile run for fun use in the summer ..
Answer - The X Quad is very capable of handling a rider of this weight. Not having any geras, prolongued up hills may be quite hard work depending on the fitness of the rider


Q - Helloi just wanted to know how much self assembly is required when building the go karts. the dino dtm zf in particular.
Answer - Very little ! Attach front chassis to rear chassis and bolt on the steering column - that's pretty much it

Dino DTM ZF Go Kart

Q - Could you tell me which of the dino models have nylon seat bushings and also which models have metal wheels
Answer - Every kart apart from the Juniors, Speedy’s and the Baby’s come with seat bushings. No karts have metal wheels anymore

Dino Hot Rod ZF

Q - Hi, Do you have this Kart in stock please
Answer - At this time we have 5 units left in stock

Dino Junior ZF

Q - Has the go kart got a brake
Answer - Yes - the brake is mounted onto the right hand rear wheel

Q - Are they ready assembled
Answer - No, a small amount of construction is required

Q - Can you ship to Spain ? If so approx cost ?
Answer - Sorry, no.

Q - How heavy is this kart
Answer - Approx 30kg

Q - Where can i get a 4.00-4 tyre for a dino go kart pls let me no . thank carsy
Answer - We can supply a new tyre for £20.00 incl shipping and vat

Q - Can this go kart take extra passenger seat? also, does this cart have pneumatic tyres?
Answer - Yes, the junior does take the co-passenger seat and does have pneumatic tyres

Answer - Its all down to size. The Junior is 135 x 75 x 80cm where as the Classic is 155 x 78 x 90cm

Dino Pan American RS-ZF

Q - You would know if we can get this model anywhere in new zealand would you
Answer - Sorry no - Try contacting th emanufacturers in Germany

Dino Side Car BF3

Q - Hii purchased this go kart from you but without the gears, is it possible to get a kit where by i can fit the gears myself now?
Answer - Unfortunatley it is not a simple process. At the very least there are additional lugs that would require welding to the chassis

Dino Side Car BF5

Q - Can you use these for taking children to school. On the road?
Answer - No reason why not ! You would be bound by the standard rules for any road user, including the use of lights in low visibility conditions

Dino Side Car ZF

Q - I am very interested in the DINO Side Car ZF. I live in Charlotte, NC 28215. What would it cost me to have the item mentioned delivered?
Answer - We are unable to ship to the U.S. Please arrange shipping from your end.

Q - Is this an adult sized trike
Answer - Yes certainly.

Q - What's the max 2-up weight the dino side car ZF will carry?
Answer - The sidecar can carry two adults, there is no max weight specified

Q - Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me the size of the Dino ZF WheelsThank You
Answer - Please contact the importer - Autoculture for this spec

Q - Hi i am intrested in the dino side car zf and a twin seater trailer what is an mpt that is needed??
Answer - The twin seater unit requires the "multi purpose chassis" to mount to. Please see this page

Dino Sport Z

Q - Hi does this go cart include the seat at the back.
Answer - No, this is an optional extra.

Dino Sport ZF

Q - Is the Sportster ZF road legal?
Answer - No - I'm afraid this model is not suitable for road use

Q - I am thinking of purchasing the above go kart from yourselves. Please can yo advise of anticipated deliver to Hampshire, UK? Can you offer any form of discount on the stated price, if collected from you in East Grinstead? Thanks Thanks
Answer - Delivery is usually within 3 days of the order being placed. By picking the kart up from our office in East Grinstead will negate the shipping charge

Q - Can it be dismantald to save space
Answer - Not easily. The kart comes in five pieces to assemble but it is not really practical to dismantle after every use

Q - Does this price include the extra seat?
Answer - No, the passenger seat is an optional extra

Q - How much is a extra seat
Answer - Prices start at £49.00

Q - What is the maximum weight that the extra seat can carry?
Answer - Approx. 36kg

Q - Can you connect the roman wagon
Answer - Yes, all Dino karts have a tow bar fitted as standard

Q - Do u know where i can get a back axle for a dino like this one if so do u know how much.
Answer - Speak to Mark at Autoculture

Q - Are the tyres pneumatic ?
Answer - Yes, all tyres in the Dino range of go karts have fully pneumatic tyres

Dino Sport ZF (Red)

Q - Are the tyres pneumatic ?
Answer - Yes, the tyres run with inner tubes and are pumped up using either a bike or car pump

Q - Do they come pre assembled?
Answer - The chassis is in 2 parts and the steering column needs to be attached using the supplied fixings

Dino Sportster ZF

Q - Can you fit off road tyres to these, like those fitted to the junior ZF...thanks
Answer - Although the tread pattern on the standard tyres fitted to the Sporster are not as treaded, the tyres are very capable of off road use

Q - Is it possible to buy spare wheels for the Dino Sportster ZF go kart? My son has one of these go karts but someone stole one of the wheels.
Answer - Can you provide answers to the following questions : Is the wheel steel or plastic ? Is the wheel red or yellow ? Is it the drive wheel (square centre) or standard (bearing both sides)?

Q - Has it got a tow bar as our son loves pulling anything on wheels, thanks
Answer - Yes ! It has a spring loaded draw pin

Q - I am 5 foot 10 227 pounds want to but a car that I can take my son with me. He is two years old.Will thiscar come with different speeds? Is my size/weight an issue??
Answer - Your size and weight is not an issue for the Dino karts,but you will need the seat placed in one of the rear most positions thus preventing the use of the passenger seat

Dino Tipping Trailer

Q - What does mpt mean
Answer - Multi Purpose Trailer. This is the chassis component that certain trailer bodies require to function correctly

Dino Track ZF

Q - How much are your are your off roading tyes for your dino trak zf
Answer - Sorry, these are not available as a spare part.

Q - max speed
Answer - Being pedal driven, max speed will be as fast as the rider can pedal

Dino Trike ZF

Q - What age group does this trike go up to?
Answer - Up to adult size and weight !

Q - Do you get the roll bar included with this trike and does the front spoiler fit on the trike ?
Answer - The roll bar is an optional extra on this kart. Sorry, but the spoiler does not fit the Trike

Q - How big is the super trike zf go kart, and can it fit through astandard back door ?
Answer - The width is approx. 78cm

Dino Viper GTS ZF

Q - How heavy is it?
Answer - Approx 45kg

Dino Wheel Barrow

Q - What is the handle height and the length of this product?
Answer - The handle height is 350mm and the total length is 1mtr

Dino X-Quad ZF

Q - To what age can kids use the quad
Answer - The quad is big enough and strong enough to handle adults

Q - What will happen if the Go kart breaks? What are the available options for the consumer?
Answer - The chassis is covered by a 5 yr warranty, the remaining parts are covered by a 2 yr warranty. Go Kart UK will supply a replacement part or parts under warranty if there is a fault caused by poor product or manufacture.

Answer - All our Dino pedal karts (apart from the Junior) can cope with adults. If you look at the video, you will see me on a Booster and I am 6' 1" !

Dino X-Quad ZF (Black)

Q - What age/size does this suit and can normal brakes be added to this ,thanks
Answer - A strong 7 year old should manage the X Quad without a problem. Not sure what you mean by normal brakes ?

Dino X-Quad ZF. Blue

Q - Does it have a towbar?
Answer - Yes, the X Quad has a tow bar

Q - I would like to own a pedal Dino X-Quad with 7 gears or 10, for an adult, as an alternative to my morning jog.Could this be built for me?
Answer - Sorry, we can only get the X-Quad in a single speed version

Dino X-Trike

Q - How do you steer ?
Answer - You literally lean to the left to go left and lean to the right to go right. Tak a look at the video to see it in action

Q - How fast do they go max speed and what types of breaks are they
Answer - The X Trike will go as fast as you can pedal it, limited by the fact that it is a single speed unit. Braking is via a hub brake activated by a back pedal action

Q - Dino x-trake maximum load/weight
Answer - Approx. 100kg

Answer - Sorry, only able to ship to a UK port if that helps ?


Q - Does the excavator need the multi purpose trailer ?
Answer - Not necessarily - The excavator will operate "stand alone" but cannot be easily transported. If this facility is required, then it will sit on the multi purpose trailer for towing behind one of the karts

Q - What size is it
Answer - The Excavator is 65x49x40 and 5 kg unboxed

Q - Does the excavator come with the wheels
Answer - No, you need to purchase the Multi Purpose Chassis for this purpose.

Hot Rod Go Kart

Q - Hi there, could you please tell us the age range of his go kart. Thankyou..
Answer - The manufacturers do not offer an age range for this kart, but provide dimensions to gauge the suitability - Dimensions - 97.5 (l) x 66 (w) x 26 (h) cm

Q - Is this suitable for a 6year old many thanks
Answer - Yes - this kart would be very suitable for a 6 year old

Q - Could i buy a extra passenger seat to go on this go kart?
Answer - Sorry no - the design does not provision for a passenger seat

Multi Purpose Trailer System

Q - Is the dino gocart,the black limited edition one for 220 quid compatible with the trailer system?
Answer - Yes, it has a tow bar suitable for towing trailers

Q - Can it be taken on and off the kart easily
Answer - Yes, the draw bar pin is spring loaded and allows easy hitching and unhitching of towed applications

Q - Is the Multi Purpose Trailer compatible with the Dino Combi and what is the difference between the Dino Sport ZF & Dino Classic ZF. If we purchase one of these we would need it before the 16th Aug is this possible. I noted on your answer phone that you are away until next Wednesday.
Answer - Yes, the MPT chassis will hitch to both the Combi and Sport ZF karts. Yes, once the order is made delivery should be within the following 3 days

Multi Purpose Trailer System (MPT)

Q - Hi Can you tell me what weight the twin seater can hold? Planning on buying with the side car to pull it... Cheers J
Answer - It is recomended a max payload of 90kg

Passenger Seat Deluxe

Q - Do the passenger seats match the dino sports go karts?
Answer - Yes - both the standard and deluxe models will fit the Sport ZF

Q - Hi We already have a Dino junior Go-Kart.If we bought a passenger seat to attatch to it, what persons weight will it hold? Regards Steph
Answer - Yes, the passenger seat will fit the Junior Go Kart and has a weight limit of 25kg

Q - Does the Deluxe seat fit the Dino Pixie Kart and if so, what is the maximum weight that the passenger seat can carry?
Answer - The passenger seats have a maximum carrying capacity of 30kg and all will fit the Pixie

Passenger Seat Deluxe (Slider)

Answer - The karts are for 5/6 years and upwards. The passenger seats can be used by children who are able to support themselves in the chair


Q - What is mpt chassis
Answer - Please see

Q - Can you buy cheap chrome alloys for your go-kart?if so where
Answer - Sorry, not from us and not sure where either.

Trailer (Requires MPT)

Q - Do I have to pay seperate delivery charges for each item
Answer - No, there should only be one delivery charge if a chassis and trailer body are bought at the same time

Twin Seater

Q - How big is the Twin Seater? Could you fit two adults in the back?
Answer - Not really. The dimensions are 71 x 52 x 78cm

Two Seater

Q - I live in Texas, USA. Can I purchase from your company? If so, how much is shipping? ...and can you tell how much is it in American dollars?
Answer - Sorry, we are unable to ship to the USA

Wing Mirrors

Q - Where do the wing mirrow go on the go-kart dino pan americam RS-ZF go kart
Answer - The wing mirrors bolt onto the upper bracket for the spoiler

Q - I would like to know if you have any wing mirrows in srore.thank you
Answer - Currently out of stock but due in by the end of the week

  • Mr Mason-Hornby who purchased a Dino Sport (Red) Pedal Go Kart said "The wheels haven't stopped turning, a great investment !"
  • Mr Gorick who purchased a Dino Camaro GT (Silver) Pedal Go Kart said "Very pleased with the Dino Car go kart. The Camaro has been a real hit with its new owner !"
  • Mr Goodhew who purchased a Dino Speedy BF1 Pedal Go Kart said "Everything was very smooth and I was impressed with the prompt service."
  • Mr Evans who purchased a Dino Hot Rod BF1 (Black) Pedal Go Kart said "Thanks for a great service. Delivered as promised."
  • Mr Glover who purchased a Dino Hot Rod BF1 (Black) Pedal Go Kart said "Having received a damaged item it was increasingly frustrating trying to actually speak to someone to get it resolved. It did get sorted in the end and I would have given a higher overall satisfaction rating if you'd have replied proptly instead of leaving me sweating over a few days before resolving the matter"
  • Mr Gardom who purchased a Dino Hot Rod BF1 (Black) Pedal Go Kart said "good delivery, go-kart easy to assemble and reasonably well made - one slightly confusing error in the instructions but otherwise OK. main problem was color was not as described-a dull maroon not red, which disappointed the receiver-will respray to the requested colour."
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